the authenticity of Breton gastronomy.

The menus of the week, the authenticity of Breton gastronomy.

Served by: Victor Brault Caterer

Menus are subject to change depending on supplies and availability.


Self-service formula , 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. every day

Coffee, Hot milk, Tea, Water (50cl or 33cl), Orange juice, Chocolate powder. Bread, brioche or pastries. Sweetened yoghurt, with unsalted and semi-salted butter, jams, sugar, honey, banana, apple. Changing every day, you will find, croissant, chocolate bread, raisin bread or cereals


Self-service formula , 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. every day

Saturday July 30
Nice rice, supreme of guinea fowl, Vallée d’Auge sauce, on Gratin dauphinois. to finish with a pear-almond tart
Sunday July 31
Potato salad with tuna, chicken gratin with porcini mushrooms and chocolate fondant
Monday 01 August
Coleslaw and duck delight and lemon pie
Tuesday 02 August
Tabouleh, bolognese lasagna and chocolate chip cookie
Wednesday 03 August
Piedmontese, Dieppe delight and Norman tart (yes! yes! even them ;p)
Thursday 04 August
Grated carrots, tartiflette, pancakes from Brittany, those.
Friday 05 August
Breton salad, sausage galette, far Breton. We wanted that every day but we were forced to vary!
Saturday 06 August
Tabbouleh, sautéed chicken, pasta and mushrooms and muffin

Having dinner

Self-service formula , 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day

Friday July 29
Salmon quiche, duck leg confit, pepper sauce, new potatoes and tarte tatin
Saturday July 30
Fish terrine, Basquaise chicken, plain wheat, far Breton
Sunday 31/07
Pasta salad with seafood, andouille sausage, mashed potatoes and chocolate mousse
Monday 01/08
Macedonia, Hard-boiled egg/Mayonnaise, sautéed pork, old-fashioned mustard, Sarladaise potatoes, Kouign-amann
Tuesday 02/08
Ham, gherkins, rabbit paupiette, semolina and salted butter caramel pancakes
Wednesday 03/08
Niçois rice, chicken fillet with cider, baby potatoes and fruit compote
Thursday 04/08
Vegetable terrine, cod brandade and chocolate cake
Friday 05/08
Peasant salad, sausage rougaille, rice, and tarte tatin

Gala dinner

Saturday August 6

Trio of cold canapes
Delicacies of scallops with crunchy vegetables and balsamic caramel and cream of herbs.
Grilled duck fillet with blackcurrant sauce, potato gratin and mushroom flan
Duo of cheeses, balsamic mesclun
Milk chocolate dome, raspberry coulis

On the roads and paths 21 reception points

Palets Bretons and madeleines on sale every day.

Sunday July 31
3 reception points
Coleslaw, duck delight: Mashed potatoes, duck confit. Emmental Tomato Ham Sandwiches / Tuna Sandwiches. Chips or banana
Monday 01 August
5 reception points
Tabbouleh? Bolognese lasagna. Emmental Tomato Ham Sandwiches / Tuna Sandwiches. Chips (provided by customer). Cookie / Apple or banana.
Tuesday 02 August
3 reception points
Piedmontese. Délice Dieppois: Mashed potatoes, Fish. Emmental Tomato Ham Sandwiches / Tuna Sandwiches. Chips (provided by customer). Norman tart / Apple or banana.
Wednesday 03 August
2 reception points
Grated carrots. Tartiflette. Emmental Tomato Ham Sandwiches / Tuna Sandwich. Chips. Desserts: Flan / Apple or banana
Thursday 04 August
Breton salad. Sausage pancake. blank
Friday 05 August
3 reception points
Tabbouleh. The Italian: Sauteed chicken, pasta and mushrooms. Emmental Tomato Ham Sandwiches / Tuna Sandwiches, Chips. Desserts: Muffin / Apple or banana.
Saturday 06 August
4 reception points
Menu established according to the availability of the arrival of raw materials

Bon Repos Sound & Light

A 2-hour night show performed by 350 extras and 30 riders on a 2-hectare stage. A historic and magical show, grandiose and magical. Abbey of Bon-Repos.

cycle tourism

Come and discover what the Federal International Cycle Tourism Week is, an emblematic event around cycling and discovery in France

By bike, everything is more beautiful

Cycling is health

Paul de Vivie says: Vélocio

Heart of Breizh

Heart of Breizh, breathtaking landscapes filled with history, myth and emotion, Brittany is a space where you can revitalize yourself around welcoming passion and nature. You will not forget your visit to this exceptional region.

Presentation of the Brittany Regional Committee of the French Cycling Federation

The regional committee is made up of ten elected members. Their missions consist in managing the action plans and they are the force of proposals within the committees: young people, training, women, tourism, sustainable development, safety, sport health, communication reception in the clubs, communication and mountain biking.

Inventory of cycle tourism in Brittany in 2020

  • 10,600 licensees
  • 249 clubs
  • 16.00% female
  • 9% of young people under 25
  • 38% youth reception structures (school and bicycle touring reception point, and bicycle school)
  • More than 2000 volunteers, all practitioners to organize cycle tourism in Brittany.

Important organizations have been held in Brittany.

1958 a Franco-British concentration, in 1993 with 3000 cycle tourists a national Pentecost concentration in Chartres de Bretagne.

The federal and international week of Guingamp in 1986, Rennes in 1958, 1971 and 1999, Quimper in 2002, the first week of August.

In July 2008 and 2014, the organization of the national youth week in Ergué Gabèric and Mur de Bretagne with nearly 1,000 young people aged 8 to 18 and 200 trained supervisors.

In September in Huelgoat one of the biggest events in France for mountain bikers is held every year (for 20 years) with nearly 6000 hikers who pedal on the “ Roc ‘h des monts d’Arrée’ ‘, the organizing clubs and the Armorique Regional Natural Park are working together to define routes combining both the pleasure of mountain biking and the preservation of wild flora and fauna.

Every 4 years, the famous Paris Brest Paris hike passes through the towns of Fougères, Tinténiac, Loudéac, Carhaix, Brest and back.

For women every four years, a traveling trip brings together 300 to 500 people from the Brittany region to a gathering place like everyone in Paris, Tous in Strasbourg and Tous in Toulouse in 2021 where a procession of many girls parade through the city. welcome from all over France by bike.

An essential component of cycle tourism, the discovery of tourist sites and travel allow cycle tourists to cross at their own pace the most beautiful regions of France and elsewhere.

Designed and offered by clubs to promote their region or carry out

long journeys that sometimes lead abroad, the Permanent Hikes are routes to be taken at any time. An ideal formula for tourism. (Tour d’Armor en Argoat, Randonnée des Landes de Lanvaux, The Canal from Nantes to Brest, Redon from the river to the ocean) to name but a few.

Mountain biking for all audiences

Almost 50% of the clubs offer a mountain bike (mountain bike) or VTC (mountain bike) section

The territory offering varied and attractive trails, more and more people are practicing it.

Also, this requires the development of new trails and the training of efficient supervision. As with the road, license holders can take on new challenges thanks to the challenges and certificates organized by the clubs, but also practice in a safe environment and benefit from the additional equipment offered on labeled mountain biking bases.

Mountain biking is developed within the framework of hiking, discovery and leisure.

Greenways and cycling routes of Brittany

Recognize bicycle lanes

Brittany’s cycling routes use several types of cycle lanes. They correspond to different practices, so it is important to know their differences

Greenways, ideal for families

Arranged and reserved for non-motorized journeys, the greenways are intended for cyclists, rollerbladers, pedestrians, and people with reduced mobility. You will find greenways on old railways, towpaths, forest paths …

Bicycle routes on shared roads

Routes on shared roads These routes are offered on roads with little traffic. They are signposted with official signs and as secure as possible (marking on the ground for cycle lanes). They are intended for experienced cyclists, as certain passages in traffic may require great vigilance.

Some itineraries

  • The Roscoff – Nantes velodyssey
  • Saint Malo – Rennes – Arzal
  • Saint Malo -Presqu’île de Rhuys
  • The Tour de Manche
  • La Littorale-Roscoff-St Nazaire
  • Carhaix – Saint Meen the great
  • Roscoff – Concarneau
  • Saint Brieuc – Lorient

Hoping that these few lines of presentation of Brittany will make you want to come and cycle with us and come in large numbers to the federal and international cycle tourism week in Loudéac in 2022, of which we are a partner.

Gérard Maurice President CoReg Brittany